We believe in local realtime moments synergies .

Urban advertising furnitures can play a better role for the city of tomorrow.

We believe in local

We believe that local businesses and institutions should have a voice.
Glooh enables guests, customers and citizens to hear those messages.

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A simple way to edit & share your local opportunity

Our solution is a simple bridge between your business and advertising screens. Target the right community. No photoshop skills or long term contract required.

Glooh is revamping the local advertising, where screens are tightly connected in public spaces.

Where any store, any property
reaches instantly out people.

We believe in real-time

Be connected with your audience.
Right here. Right now.

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There are millions of opportunities in the public space.

How to be visible at the right moment, at the right place, with the right community ?
It’s all about context & atmospheres.

From your phone or computer,

Edit your content in a click, then choose where and when you want to display it.

We believe in moments

Glooh stimulates the consumer experience whether in the street or in a private property.

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Surprise and catch your audience’s attention, through a range of experiences.

Extend the experience further and keep on building your community beyond the digital signage.

Glooh provides intuitive tools to optimize the consumer journey, out of their home.

We extend the experience from the screen in your pocket
to the bus shelter.

We believe in synergies

Glooh helps every day hundreds of retailers, organization & corporates to turn by-passers into potential leads.


This is Ted, a sushi retailer.

It’s 7PM – one hour to go – and Ted has a lot of unsold sushis.

Why would he throw it away​ as he might make a special offer and inform all the people around his shop?

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Glooh publicité DOOH

Through the Glooh retail portal, Ted creates his ad
ready to be displayed on all the channels around his shop

Ted is not a trained designer or a master in marketing.
Fortunately, the platform allows him to create attractive ads & check all his settings
to better target the audience.

local ads sushi

That’s it! In just two clicks,
Ted has casted his ad and raised a local opportunity.
The information is visible on all the relevant channels.
Now, customers have access to this special offer!

Start now to generate more revenues with less efforts.

Be visible with