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Be efficient and perform better while digitizing the way your sell your airtime.

The Glooh Ads Experience – White label.
A website + an e-commerce platform ready to optimize your inventory with extra revenue.

Content Creation


Do not want to invest more into a creative studio? No Time for a last-minute creation?

Thanks to our tool creation (Creammatic©), your customers can generate an animated visual in a few seconds.
No photos under hand to share? Our template library with unlimited free images can support you.

Booking in 1 click

Your inventory – supercharged with our data

Let your customers choose when and where to be visible.
Help them in finding the right panels with our search engine ContxML.

Moderation, Payment & Invoicing integrated.

Depending on the configuration, a pre-authorized or a full payment can be set. Invoicing can be generated by the platform

location finder

Keep Control

sales process

Your inventory, your pricing, and your validation at every step of the booking process.

With a simplified buying workflow, you receive an order confirmation with the assets requested, the dates and the content.

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Glooh Ads for Imediacenter
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Glooh Ads for Oxialive

Start now to generate more revenues with less efforts.

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