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Managing your communication on Facebook, Google is nice. Extending the reach in the streets is even better by adding a new channel.

Create your own promotion in the streets and properties and attract extra customers.

How does it work?

Creating your ad and being visible in your neighborhood has never been so simple.

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Enter your city, discover the streets around and start creating your ad!

They have created their ad with Glooh

To celebrate the reopening of his shop, the manager of Crêperie OCW in Nîmes went on the Glooh platform to start being visible at street level.

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Crêperie OCW, Nîmes
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Fanny Bousson Maison Garlaban, Nîmes

From now, we will be targeting more accurately a local audience thanks to the digital posters displayed on the urban furnitures close to my business.

Screenshot 2021 04 23 at 17.45.17
Renato Le Caffettino, Liège

Our restaurant shares its dishes on Facebook – but it is a post like many others. With the Glooh Ads, I am instantly visible at 5 minutes walk around my business.

Screenshot 2021 05 06 at 12.12.06
Martial Guébey Axélite Immobilier, Nîmes

I had never thought about urban advertising. For me, it was quite Premium and not affordable. With Glooh, it is simple, quick and intuitive.

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